Thursday, August 29, 2013

Detroit v Brooklyn

This could have easily been a post about why Eminem is a superior rapper to Jay-Z but I will save that for when the new Eminem album comes out and buries Jay-Z's newest tribute to his royal holiness himself.

The other night, I had dinner in NYC with some Detroiter buddies and the conversation steered toward Detroit real estate (a minor obsession of mine for the moment). I did a little search for comparable properties in Detroit and Brooklyn. Brooklyn, being the edgier crustier sister borough to Manhattan where prices have gone parabolic, had more similar characteristics to the D. I found a couple 4,000 sq ft homes and here is what came back.

I thought the crime statistics were particularly interesting. Of course there are reasons why this analysis is flawed, chiefly because Brooklyn has 2.5 million people and Detroit has 700,000. Detroit covers an area of 150 sq. miles and Brooklyn is only 90 sq mi. That is a lot of less congested space to run away from stray bullets.   

Kidding aside, I did bias my search to Indian Village in Detroit and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn so I guess this proves that the right kind of data mining can prove any thesis.  My point is that even the most dangerous parts of NYC still trade at a silly premium relative to the safe parts of Detroit. I guess it all depends on how you define "value".  

Hat tip to Larry Chen!



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