Friday, May 27, 2011

India: The Numbers

I totally stole this idea from my friends Ted and Sarah, who have the best travel blog I have ever seen (LINK).  Below are some of the numbers from our stay in India.  India was excellent, action-packed, and provided us with a newfound perspective on South Asia.  To sum up India in a couple points: 1.) You cannot generalize India, it’s too diverse 2.) India is full of both positive and negative extremes 3.) Bring your patience or just stay home.

Time spent in India = 3 months
Cities/Towns/Villages Visited = 19
Nights slept in a hospital = 2
Illnesses defeated = 4
Money raised for Shanti Bhavan with YOUR help = $11,600 (as of May)
Laptops broken and replaced = 1
Flights taken = 7
Hours spent in a hired car (excluding taxi) = 34
Hours spent on a long distance bus = 19
Hours spent on a long distance train = 51 (4 journeys)
Longest taxi ride = 3 hours to go 30 km in Mumbai
Motorcycles hit = 1
Most expensive drink = $18 – Taj West End Bangalore
Cheapest drink = $1.00 – Bar in Hosur
Cheapest hotel = $30 – Mysore
Nights slept at friend’s house = 12 (thanks to Jay Lurie, Sumit and Linda Dutta)
Business meetings attended = 26
Michigan Wolverines met = 9 (Go BLUE!)
Tigers seen in the wild = 3
Elephants ridden = 2
Meals that contained beef = 0
Days rained on the mainland = 2 out of 87
Opportunities in India = Countless
We are planning to do a Best of Pics, Best of Panoramics, and Best of Videos as soon as we get them all sorted out…Stay tuned!