Friday, May 27, 2011

India: The Numbers

I totally stole this idea from my friends Ted and Sarah, who have the best travel blog I have ever seen (LINK).  Below are some of the numbers from our stay in India.  India was excellent, action-packed, and provided us with a newfound perspective on South Asia.  To sum up India in a couple points: 1.) You cannot generalize India, it’s too diverse 2.) India is full of both positive and negative extremes 3.) Bring your patience or just stay home.

Time spent in India = 3 months
Cities/Towns/Villages Visited = 19
Nights slept in a hospital = 2
Illnesses defeated = 4
Money raised for Shanti Bhavan with YOUR help = $11,600 (as of May)
Laptops broken and replaced = 1
Flights taken = 7
Hours spent in a hired car (excluding taxi) = 34
Hours spent on a long distance bus = 19
Hours spent on a long distance train = 51 (4 journeys)
Longest taxi ride = 3 hours to go 30 km in Mumbai
Motorcycles hit = 1
Most expensive drink = $18 – Taj West End Bangalore
Cheapest drink = $1.00 – Bar in Hosur
Cheapest hotel = $30 – Mysore
Nights slept at friend’s house = 12 (thanks to Jay Lurie, Sumit and Linda Dutta)
Business meetings attended = 26
Michigan Wolverines met = 9 (Go BLUE!)
Tigers seen in the wild = 3
Elephants ridden = 2
Meals that contained beef = 0
Days rained on the mainland = 2 out of 87
Opportunities in India = Countless
We are planning to do a Best of Pics, Best of Panoramics, and Best of Videos as soon as we get them all sorted out…Stay tuned!


  1. How many pounds lost?

  2. Congratulations on the fund-raising - and wow, what a trip! I admire your patience, I don't know if I would have made it through a 3 hour taxi ride.

  3. i was down to 157 lbs (from 170 lbs) when we were trekking in Nepal.....but, now that we are in thailand, where everything is fried, i am seeing the muffin top re-emerge!

  4. Cool blog, especially the observation that its not easy to summarize India.

  5. Great summary Justin. Happy to contribute to your experience.

  6. Excellent Justin. Don't forget to add 'horses hit while in hired car' = 1 (in Mysore); and number of 'bucket showers' of cold or luke-warm water taken. Kandy