Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For the Unemployed Turning Entrepreneur

A good friend sent me an article he pulled out of Worth magazine the other day.  The article summarized the 10 Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship from Bill Murphy Jr.'s new book The Intelligent Entrepreneur.  I enjoyed the piece and thought it would be worthwhile to share.  I am finding a high correlation between articles about how difficult the job market is and new startup business ventures friends and former colleagues are embarking on.  In addition, there are tons of talented "out-of-work" people who are teaming up to start businesses.  These folks gave up looking for the next mindless job... they are going out and creating exciting new careers.  

It is great to talk with enterprising people who are optimistic about the prospects of growth both in the developed and emerging worlds.  Even in Michigan (despite what you may read in the dreaded papers) at a recent entrepreneur's conference held in Dearborn, the halls were buzzing about alternative energy, life sciences, social media, mobile marketing strategies, etc.  I did not even hear the word "automotive" mentioned once.  Who says Detroit cannot reinvent itself?

For those of you who are considering taking the plunge into one of the many entrepreneurial ecosystems, here are the 10 rules that came from Bill Murphy's research and are flushed out in his book (which I am definitely going to buy):

1.)  Successful entrepreneurs commit to entrepreneurship rather than to a specific business.
2.)  Successful entrepreneurs look for market opportunities before creating business solutions.
3.)  Successful entrepreneurs focus on innovation and scale.
4.)  Successful entrepreneurs pick founding teams with a history of working well together.
5.)  Successful entrepreneurs realize that they play the most important role.
6.)  Successful entrepreneurs manage risk.
7.)  Successful entrepreneurs commit themselves to learning management skills.
8.)  Successful entrepreneurs learn to sell.
9.)  Successful entrepreneurs redefine failure.
10.) Successful entrepreneurs aren't in it just for the money.


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  3. Number 2 is the most important in my opinion

  4. Fooled by Randomness- Please read that book, before you spew such crap.

    All successful ( so called) people believe that they did something right(?).

    All illusions.